HFA Holdings Limited

Continuous Disclosure Policy

HFA is committed to complying with its continuous disclosure obligations pursuant to the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules. In this regard, HFA has adopted a Continuous Disclosure Policy.

The Continuous Disclosure Policy sets out the procedures for:

  • identifying material price sensitive information;
  • reporting such information to the Company Secretary for review;
  • complying with continuous disclosure obligations under the Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules;
  • the Company Secretary is the senior officer nominated by the Board to have responsibility for ensuring HFA complies with continuous disclosure requirements;
  • the Company Secretary also oversees and monitors disclosure of information to the ASX, analysts, brokers, shareholders, investors, the media and the public.

The Continuous Disclosure Policy applies to every director, officer and employee.


HFA Continuous Disclosure Policy

Continuous Disclosure Policy